Infinity Pro Sports™ is a division of UK Advertising, Inc. Our corporate and national sales offices are based in College Station, Texas. Infinity Pro Sports™ was developed to devote our full efforts to the sports industry. Since the creation of this division over two years ago, the company has experienced tremendous growth with Minor League Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Arena Football, and is now breaking into the Collegiate Sports market.
The mission of Infinity Pro Sports™ is to provide technologically advanced web based software and services to the professional and collegiate sports industries. Utilizing traditional business practices with break-through technology, Infinity's goal is to add additional revenue streams and create broader opportunities for athletes and sports organizations worldwide.

Infinity Pro Sports™ has experienced rapid growth and created a stable client base since the division's inception. Infinity's core business is creating and developing web-based solutions including web sites, data based marketing software, online gaming, and real time streaming for use in the sports industry. Infinity strives to become a total web based interactive sports community complete with interactive web sites and real time sports broadcasting for professional and collegiate sporting events not previously covered by conventional broadcast mediums.

Infinity Pro Sports™ has developed web-based software that automates the process of news and statistical updates and at the same time creates an easy interface that displays current news and statistical information to the end user. This software component is called the ISM. The ISM was developed to ensure that our clients are able to provide their fans, media members, and supporters a complete turnkey solution.

Infinity provides the most up to the minute stats, information and resources available. The ISM is a back-end system manager, which allows our clients complete control of their site, giving them the ability to instantly update stats, news releases, photos, and other pertinent information. ISM provides the ability to modify the site on the fly in real time, using user-friendly screens.

Infinity Pro Sports™ has developed a recognizable and credible presence throughout the sports community. Through market research and in-depth market analysis, Infinity has identified and monitored seasonal trends and patterns for nearly 20 different sports markets. Infinity maintains personal contact with clients and potential clients, by providing information and announcements about new products and services on a monthly basis utilizing the Infinity emailer. Once a potential client expresses interest, Infinity begins a series of correspondence via phone and email to establish a relationship and determine client wants and needs. Following this initial correspondence, a project outline and agreement is established and approved to satisfy the needs of both client and Infinity. Upon endorsement of this agreement and delivery of the initial payment to Infinity, the client is moved into the Infinity Site Production System. Supplementing this procedure is the Infinity web site ( which provides clients and potential clients with information about the products and services provided by Infinity.